Friday, November 21, 2008

Time to get busy

I wouldn't say I've had an UNproductive day but I certainly didn't do the things that I really wanted to. Last night, instead of sleeping I set up this blog and as a result, I ended up sleeping till 1pm or so. Not a stellar start to my day! Then, while I wanted to just sit and bead to my heart's content, I decided that I really needed to get the stuff done in my house before doing what I consider the fun stuff. This is the first time since then that I've had time to sit and catch my breath! What I ended up doing today was painting my living room (all but one wall that has to be patched up) and when that was done, cleaning and organizing it. Including my desk which was quite a feat! In between I made dinner. Now is the time for ME.

Before diving back into my beads, though, I decided that I really need to set some goals down in writing. I know there are some things I need to order and there is nothing worse than getting into a project just to find that I don't have enough materials. I tend to be a procrastinator and putting my goals into writing seems to help to prod me along when I don't want to do the more boring tasks involved in selling jewelry (or any product for that matter). If I had my way, I would sit and bead day in and day out and someone else would magically market my things and list them on etsy for me, including taking all the pictures and writing the copy. Not one of my favorite things to do =) Alas, there is only me to do it all *cue the sad music*

So here is the plan. I will list some of my goals here so that I have witnesses to what I want to get done. Harder to make excuses then!

1. Organize supply area to make it easier to find things.
2. Place one order every week or so as opposed to several separate orders when I've missed something that needs to be replaced. Shipping costs are eating me alive!
3. Take pictures and post pieces every other day.
4. Promote everyday: here, on twitter, on plumdrop, on etsy. But DON'T get sucked in to it so much that I don't get anything done!
5. Keep having fun. Enjoy the creating. Keep learning and improving my craft.

I think that's enough for now. I think I'll go play now. May even make something for me to wear to work tomorrow!

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