Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Burst of Energy

Good morning everyone!

I've certainly gotten off my butt this morning. Three new items posted and more sloshing around my brain. Right now I'm taking a break to post on here and grab a quick cup of coffee before it's back to the drawing board.

I went to Hobby Lobby last night just to get some silver spacers that I ran out of and of course spent entirely too much money. On the positive side, several new projects came of the shopping trip. I made this:


and this:


and THIS:


Whew! All of those are a new style of necklace for me and I really like them. LOL that sounds bad but I can't lie.

I have several more pieces that I want to add today but first I have something MUCH more important to do...

Girls' day out at the movies!! A couple of the girls from work and I are going to go see "Twilight" this afternoon. I can't wait for the buttery popcorn and candy! And the movie, of course. I've read all 4 "Twilight" books and I hope the movie is just as good. My daughter saw it at the midnight opener and loved it so I have high hopes.

Another thing I would love to accomplish today is organizing my work/storage area. It is horrible. Horrible enough that I don't work there, I drag all my stuff to the living room where there is more room. This, of course, leads to yet another messy room. Maybe later today I can get that done. I dread it but I know I'll feel better when I get it done.

Ok, people, enough time on here, time to get some work done. By the way, if you want to participate in an awesome promotion/contest go see this thread. We've been having a ball and I've "met" some great people!


Take care and I'll chat with you later!!



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