Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Year... Renewed Goals

When I first opened my Etsy store ( in October, I didn't really set any goals for myself. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing but decided that I wanted to have fun, maybe make a little extra spending money (for supplies of course!), and share my ideas and creations with other people. Little did I realize how much fun it would be to work so hard! On top of creating jewelry and learning new techniques I've had to learn photography, editing, copywriting, and marketing. I will admit, at first I was totally overwhelmed and almost threw in the towel but I kept plugging along, posting in the forums, asking for advice, and trying my hand at marketing on sites like twitter (, plumdrop (, and, of course, blogspot.

Then I made my first sale. The feeling of accomplishment and euphoria was indescribable! It was this bracelet:
I haven't looked back since then.
I have to say, though, that I gained a whole lot more than a few dollars and some added web expertise (expertise is pushing it but you get the idea). I met some of the most amazing people, some of whom I now consider my friends. The community at Etsy is absolutely amazing. Not one person that I have asked advice from or "spoken" to has treated me badly or hesitated to answer my sometimes stupid questions. So, thank you, Etsy, for bringing me to these absolutely amazing and creative people!
In honor of all the fine craftspersons on Etsy, I want to highlight a list of shops today instead of just one. In the third round of WITB ( we have already accumulated some awesome shops that are contributing to the final prize ($20 gift certificates for 50 people). Here is the most current list:
ROUND 3 Feature Sellers Include:
1. - DESTASH, jewelry, scarves, shredded t's
2. - ONE OF A KIND & Custom Jewelry
3. - CUSTOM jewelry at AFFORDABLE prices
4. - one of a kind creations
5. - handmade and vintage jewelry
6. - handmade bows and clippies :)
7. - stunning handmade pendants
8. - handmade quality bath and beauty
9. - Original fiction
10. - Jewelry, rosaries & spiritual jewelry
11. - eco friendly house, bath, & beauty
12. - unique glass tile pendants
13. - Fine art photography
14. - decorative/tole painting
Please take some time to look thru these shops! It won't be a waste of your time, I promise.
Why is it that I always start out wanting to talk about one thing and then talking about another? Let me just say this about goals: My number one goal this year is to have fun. The minute this stops being fun, I will close up my shop. As far as sales numbers go, I really don't have a goal for that, other than I would like to make enough to pay for my supplies so that I can keep creating. That, for me, is the important part to all of this. Creating beautiful things that others can enjoy along with me is the whole reason I am here. I am lucky that I don' t need to rely upon this as a livelyhood. I know there are those of you that do rely on it that way and I commend you. I don't think I'd have the guts for that! Irregardless of the reason you are here, I hope that you will continue to also have fun in this new year. I know I will be.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Good evening my friends!

I have a few minutes before I get back to work... ok, honestly, I'm wasting a few minutes on the computer... ok, that's not true either.... I've been sucked into cyberspace and can't tear myself away! And since I actually do need to update my blog I can justify still being here =)

My latest project is to try to organize all my business receipts. I bought a program called Bookkeeper (info can be found at It has a great set-up wizard but, since I tend to jump ahead instead of reading ALL the directions, I've been having trouble inputting everything. Plus, it's just not fun to do, is it? I think that once I have everything inputted and up to date then adding to it will be alot easier. I also think that I may have to actually sit down and read the directions at some point! Or maybe I'll just wait till the first of the year and start from scratch. I'm not sure I really want to know how much I've spent on beads so far in comparison to how much I've sold!

Before I go any further, I want to share today's featured shop. Today I chose a shop that has beautiful jewelry... a shop with high quality items and a friendly and helpful shopowner...

Here is an example of one of her beautiful rings! I hope to be able to create rings like this someday!

Gorgeous isn't it? Please go check out her store!

Did you notice that I finally figured out how to have a picture in the middle of my post? Thank you Elissa at for telling me how to do it! It took a couple of tries but I did it!

Before I forget, don't forget to check out round 3 of WITB on Etsy at:

It's a great contest, you can win gift certificates from featured shops (mine included, promote your shop, and meet some really great crafters... come join the fun!

Also, check out for an awesome BNR... 33 sales so far!

Ok, I've dawdled here long enough. Time to let some of my creative juices loose and get to work! I'm also planning on working out at some point so I better get moving!!

I hope everyone is having a great day/evening. Take care and be safe!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Motivation and Progress

Well, folks, I hate to say it but I am not a very good blogger! I always have the best of intentions and then the rest of life gets in the way. Ok, so that's not always the case but it does happen sometimes. The rest of the time, I sit here staring at the blank blog box with a completely blank mind. None of us wants to write something stupid or inane. I don't necessarily want to be profound but I do want to be interesting every now and then!

Anyway, while I haven't been blogging, I have actually been creating. This is one of my favorites:

The picture at the top of the post is another new one. By the way, anyone out there able to tell me how to put pics in the middle of the posts?? I just can't seem to get that part!

I hope you take a look at more than just that one listing. I've posted several new pieces that I am very proud of. On top of that, I had several custom orders that I had to finish before Christmas. I just delivered the last order and I'm glad that is done with! Not that I'm not glad for the sales, but I'm tired now =)

Ok, on to other business. Today's highlighted shop is The Glass Beadist

I found this shop thru a BNR that I'm in, the Superstar BNR

She has the most adorable handmade beads! I'm going to get some but I can't decide which ones! Check out her shop, it is a jewelcrafter's dream!

(by the way, if I knew how, this would be where I inserted a pic of one of her beads LOL)

I titled this blog Motivation and Progress because that's initially what I wanted to talk about. I have alot of problems with staying motivated. Though I do have to say that when I make a sale because I've worked hard at promoting, it does feel good. The problem is, the motivation I've gained from it doesn't seem to last. I will gladly take any suggestions as to how to keep my motivation alive!

I do have to say that while I haven't been doing much promoting, I have kept my motivation in regards to production. I completed alot of new projects and have several more swimming around in my head. One idea I've been toying with is getting a notebook to carry with me to jot down ideas and sketches of ideas whenever they come to me? How many of you do that? And does it work for you?

Since I'm trying to get and stay motivated, I'm going to close this now. My goal is to publish at least 2 times a week. We'll see how it goes!

Until next time, take care and be safe,


Thursday, December 4, 2008

popping in!

Hello everyone!

Just a quick note before I get ready for work to draw your attention to a contest on Etsy that is alot of fun.

welcome to our $1000 give-a-way!!!! is a collection of FEATURE shops that will be included in a $1000 give away prize!!!!! Absolutely no purchase necessary!Do you like to MEET NEW PEOPLE, play GAMES, and win FABULOUS PRIZES like $1000 worth of GIFT CERTIFICATES from the shops you see listed here??? then come chat with us... Each reply will be counted as an entry in the drawing!Come say hi, self promote, meet the artists, or shop in some of the stores listed at and let people know what you would put in YOUR ultimate mystery box! We play a lot of games and there are prizes as we go. And there are some AMAZING specials that are only available to those who are "in the know" on the thread.and sellers, if you want to be a part of this exciting experience, gain more exposure and drive more business to your store, then conversation us here'd love to add you to our list of FEATURED SELLERS and include you in our next big drawing!!!! all it takes is one $20 gift certificate donation per store and a one time fee of $1 to cover the cost of your listing. Once we have 51 items listed here we will draw a winner and start all over again!You dont have to donate to play. and if you do donate... you can still WIN!remember enter as often as you want... all we ask is that they are constructive replies... please no one letter or one word answers...

If you are on this list please cut and paste this list and add a few words next to your name that people know what you sell, at a glance. please keep each shop to one line as it displays best that way ;Dthis rounds feature sellers so far include:1. DESTASH, jewelry, scarves, shredded t's2. Vidia2be.etsy.com3. (vintage & Reproduction items)4. Sarahinflorida.etsy.com5. DesignsbyEricaKortz.etsy.com6.,photography,floral7. JewelrybyJenn.etsy.com8. A lil bit of everything9. Junquete.etsy.com10. HavenDawnDesigns.etsy.com11. ClearLakeCreations.etsy.com12. Hair Bows & Accessories13. HammelmanArt.etsy.com14. vintage treasures15. Sheltie19.etsy.com16. MoleHillTreasures.etsy.com17. Krishenka.etsy.com18. BeadWired8.etsy.com19. ILoveHelloKitty.etsy.com20. FlightFancy.etsy.com21. Lyndee495.etsy.com22. chainmaille & metal jewelry23. SarahNWonderland.etsy.com24. vintage finds25. IvyRoad.etsy.com26. - One of a Kind & Custom Jewelry27. quilled items!!!28. Art, Children's Art, ACEOs29. JodayCraf.etsy.com30. LoveStamp.etsy.com31.

I know it looks cluttery (is that a word?) but please take some time to check it out. We have alot of fun and there are alot of great shops to look at. Who knows? Maybe you'll even win the big prize. Even if you don't, you still win some new friends!

That's all I have time for today. Really hate when work gets in the way of having fun!

Until next time...


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Finally Back!

Good morning folks! I am back from the holiday black hole. I feel guilty that I haven't posted here in a bit but I do have to say that I have been pretty productive, nonetheless. Now if I could just remember to get to some of the things on my list that I tend to push to the back burner... like blogging! And promoting in general.

I'm still not altogether comfortable saying "look at me and my shop" all the time but I'm working on it. I've been visiting on twitter ( and have been posting on our new contest ( Our last contest was great. I made some great new friends including: (who was also the winner of $1000 worth of stuff!)

I will be posting links to other people who are participating in the threads over at etsy. There are just so many that I couldn't possibly post them in one sitting! One of the best parts of participating in the last contest (all 700 pages of it!) was all the great shops I got to check out. So come on over to our newest one so we can check you out too! Who knows, you may be surprised by how many great people you can get to know!

Aside from the contest, working, cooking Thanksgiving dinner with my mother-in-law, and getting the tree up, I have been busy not only creating and listing but also organizing my quasi-studio.

Two of my newest additions are pictured above (can you tell I'm new at this blog thing? I couldn't get the pictures where I wanted them LOL) You can find other new items, including earrings, necklaces, and cell phone charms at my shop:

Come take a look around!

I'm still working on getting my supplies organized but I have high hopes for getting that finished today since I'm off of work. I bought a really cool rolling cart to use and to cart my stuff all over the house so I can create where ever I want!

What kinds of organizational items do you use?

OK off to get myself together. I have so much I want to get done today and luckily I got up early =) I will check back later if I get everything done!

Until next time,


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Burst of Energy

Good morning everyone!

I've certainly gotten off my butt this morning. Three new items posted and more sloshing around my brain. Right now I'm taking a break to post on here and grab a quick cup of coffee before it's back to the drawing board.

I went to Hobby Lobby last night just to get some silver spacers that I ran out of and of course spent entirely too much money. On the positive side, several new projects came of the shopping trip. I made this:

and this:

and THIS:

Whew! All of those are a new style of necklace for me and I really like them. LOL that sounds bad but I can't lie.

I have several more pieces that I want to add today but first I have something MUCH more important to do...

Girls' day out at the movies!! A couple of the girls from work and I are going to go see "Twilight" this afternoon. I can't wait for the buttery popcorn and candy! And the movie, of course. I've read all 4 "Twilight" books and I hope the movie is just as good. My daughter saw it at the midnight opener and loved it so I have high hopes.

Another thing I would love to accomplish today is organizing my work/storage area. It is horrible. Horrible enough that I don't work there, I drag all my stuff to the living room where there is more room. This, of course, leads to yet another messy room. Maybe later today I can get that done. I dread it but I know I'll feel better when I get it done.

Ok, people, enough time on here, time to get some work done. By the way, if you want to participate in an awesome promotion/contest go see this thread. We've been having a ball and I've "met" some great people!

Take care and I'll chat with you later!!


Friday, November 21, 2008

Time to get busy

I wouldn't say I've had an UNproductive day but I certainly didn't do the things that I really wanted to. Last night, instead of sleeping I set up this blog and as a result, I ended up sleeping till 1pm or so. Not a stellar start to my day! Then, while I wanted to just sit and bead to my heart's content, I decided that I really needed to get the stuff done in my house before doing what I consider the fun stuff. This is the first time since then that I've had time to sit and catch my breath! What I ended up doing today was painting my living room (all but one wall that has to be patched up) and when that was done, cleaning and organizing it. Including my desk which was quite a feat! In between I made dinner. Now is the time for ME.

Before diving back into my beads, though, I decided that I really need to set some goals down in writing. I know there are some things I need to order and there is nothing worse than getting into a project just to find that I don't have enough materials. I tend to be a procrastinator and putting my goals into writing seems to help to prod me along when I don't want to do the more boring tasks involved in selling jewelry (or any product for that matter). If I had my way, I would sit and bead day in and day out and someone else would magically market my things and list them on etsy for me, including taking all the pictures and writing the copy. Not one of my favorite things to do =) Alas, there is only me to do it all *cue the sad music*

So here is the plan. I will list some of my goals here so that I have witnesses to what I want to get done. Harder to make excuses then!

1. Organize supply area to make it easier to find things.
2. Place one order every week or so as opposed to several separate orders when I've missed something that needs to be replaced. Shipping costs are eating me alive!
3. Take pictures and post pieces every other day.
4. Promote everyday: here, on twitter, on plumdrop, on etsy. But DON'T get sucked in to it so much that I don't get anything done!
5. Keep having fun. Enjoy the creating. Keep learning and improving my craft.

I think that's enough for now. I think I'll go play now. May even make something for me to wear to work tomorrow!