Monday, December 29, 2008

Good evening my friends!

I have a few minutes before I get back to work... ok, honestly, I'm wasting a few minutes on the computer... ok, that's not true either.... I've been sucked into cyberspace and can't tear myself away! And since I actually do need to update my blog I can justify still being here =)

My latest project is to try to organize all my business receipts. I bought a program called Bookkeeper (info can be found at It has a great set-up wizard but, since I tend to jump ahead instead of reading ALL the directions, I've been having trouble inputting everything. Plus, it's just not fun to do, is it? I think that once I have everything inputted and up to date then adding to it will be alot easier. I also think that I may have to actually sit down and read the directions at some point! Or maybe I'll just wait till the first of the year and start from scratch. I'm not sure I really want to know how much I've spent on beads so far in comparison to how much I've sold!

Before I go any further, I want to share today's featured shop. Today I chose a shop that has beautiful jewelry... a shop with high quality items and a friendly and helpful shopowner...

Here is an example of one of her beautiful rings! I hope to be able to create rings like this someday!

Gorgeous isn't it? Please go check out her store!

Did you notice that I finally figured out how to have a picture in the middle of my post? Thank you Elissa at for telling me how to do it! It took a couple of tries but I did it!

Before I forget, don't forget to check out round 3 of WITB on Etsy at:

It's a great contest, you can win gift certificates from featured shops (mine included, promote your shop, and meet some really great crafters... come join the fun!

Also, check out for an awesome BNR... 33 sales so far!

Ok, I've dawdled here long enough. Time to let some of my creative juices loose and get to work! I'm also planning on working out at some point so I better get moving!!

I hope everyone is having a great day/evening. Take care and be safe!


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